Table of Contents

  1. What is Plink?
  2. Basic Operation
  3. Settings
  4. Plink’s URL Scheme
  5. Using x-callback-url
  6. An example using Editorial

What is Plink?

Plink is an image uploader and reference generator. It's designed to create links to your images that you can use in other apps.

For example, Plink can upload an image and automatically create an HTML <img> tag that you can paste into a blog post. Or, it can simply give you a URL to the image for sharing in applications like Messages or your favorite Twitter client.

In addition to its basic features, Plink also supports advanced techniques using x-callback-url that allow you to automate the image uploading process through other applications. For more information about automating Plink, read section 5, Using x-callback-url, below.

Basic Operation

Plink is a simple app. Once launched, it displays a list of the images you have stored in your storage.

Tapping an image displays a list of reference types that can be copied to your clipboard.

If an image is private, you'll need to make it public first before you can copy a reference. Private images are denoted with a small lock icon in the bottom right corner of the image. Tap the image and choose Make Image Public.

Tapping the cloud icon in the floating navigation at the bottom brings up an image picker. Select an image to upload it to your storage. The image will appear at the top of your list of images.

To view an image in full-screen mode, long-press the image and choose View Full Screen.

To delete an image, long-press the image and choose Delete.

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Tap the gear icon in the floating navigation at the bottom to access Plink's settings.

To choose an app for Plink to launch every time an upload completes, tap Default App, and select one from the list. If you do not have the app installed, you'll be taken to the App Store, where you can decide whether the app sounds right for you.

To choose a default format for Plink to copy to your clipboard every time an upload completes, tap Default Format, and select one from the list.

To log out of, tap the Log Out button in the top right corner.

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Plink’s URL Scheme


Calling the empty URL above will simply launch Plink.

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Using x-callback-url


Plink can automatically show the image picker for uploading images if you pass x-callback-url as the first part of the URL. You can also include the following options:



Plink can automatically generate one of 5 reference types. The type can be specified using the type parameter. The available types are:

  • markdownImage
  • markdownLink
  • htmlImage
  • htmlLink
  • url

If no type is specified, Plink will return a plain URL.



Pass a URL via the x-success parameter to have that URL called upon successful completion of an image upload.

The example above launches Launch Center Pro after a completed upload.



Pass a URL via the x-cancel parameter to have that URL called if the upload is canceled (which is triggered by tapping the Cancel button when the image picker is displayed).

The example above launches Drafts if the user taps the Cancel button.



Pass a URL via the x-error parameter to have that URL called if an error occurs while uploading.

The example above launches Drafts if upload fails.

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An example using Editorial

Editorial is a powerful text editor for iPhone and iPad. It includes robust support for x-callback-url and allows you to create workflows to automate common tasks.

Plink was made with Editorial in mind. If you use Editorial to write, Plink can provide a very simple way for you to insert images into your text.

To integrate Plink with Editorial, install this workflow. Open Editorial, create a new Markdown document, and tap the Workflow icon in the top right of the screen (it looks like a wrench). Tap Plink Upload.

This launches Plink, and the image picker will automatically appear. Select an image to upload it to your storage. When the upload completes, you'll be sent back to Editorial, and the link to your image will automatically be inserted into your open document.

By default, this workflow inserts a Markdown image tag. You can customize the workflow to use any of the available reference types. To do so, tap the Workflow icon, then tap the i icon to the right of Plink Upload. Tap Edit Workflow.

Tap Open x-callback URL to expand that step of the workflow. Replace markdownImage with one of the other available reference types. Tap Done to save your changes.

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