Plink is an image uploader and reference generator for iOS.


Upload an image

Launch Plink, tap the Upload button, and select an image. Plink uploads the image to your file storage (500 MB with a free account, 10 GB with a paid account).

Choose a reference type

Once uploaded, Plink will present you with a few options, including HTML Image Tag, Markdown Image Tag, and more.

Paste your reference

When you choose a reference type, Plink places it on your clipboard. Switch back to your text editor, paste the reference, and keep writing.

Automate the whole thing

Using an advanced editor like Editorial, you can automate the entire process using workflows thanks to Plink's URL scheme and support for x-callback-url.

Plink In Detail

Plink's interface doesn't have to look great because chances are you won't see it much. When used in an automated fashion, it looks like a regular image picker and disappears after an upload completes.

But that doesn't mean it shouldn't look good. The interface is set in Avenir Next, a beautiful, readable typeface made by Linotype. The icons used throughout the app's UI are from the Essence set made by Silvia Gatta of Icons & Coffee.

We've also integrated support for 1Password and the official app, which makes logging in a breeze (even if you're using 2-factor authentication).

Oh, and Plink is universal, so it'll look right at home on your iPad.

Coming Soon

Plink was made possible via Backer—a Kickstarter-like crowdfunding site for software developers—and is currently being developed.

We expect to ship Plink in mid-2014.

If you'd like to keep up with development, we'll be posting news about Plink on or Twitter.

Have questions? Get in touch.

We're available on both Twitter and to answer any questions you might have. You can also contact us through the J&M Lab website.